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Mind of it's own, "Romancing the Rose"

by Paula Gaskill


Yes, this about testing your skills when something has a mind of it's own. Ever have a thought about something that you're trying to make or create? Well, I do. The thought process is there. It's in my head, and sometimes I've even sketched it on some paper. One of these days I just hope I can follow through with some of my thoughts in this big brain of mine, and it come out the way I invisioned it.

One of the things I enjoy doing is making things and seeing the beauty that comes from something I have made. Along the way it sometimes doesn't go the way I intended.  Right now, I'm making  jewelry using roses that I make from hand  from polymer clay for my jewelry line " Romancing The Rose", so for me that is exactly what I have to do. Romance The Rose!

First I have to come up with a color combination, most of those colors come from myself, but sometime others may post a color pallet that they like. What can I say; I would be a fool not to get close to that color pallet, after all; I also sell these Roses.      

Mint_teal.jpgThis color is a Mint teal. It will roll out sometime this week . You'll be able to find it on my Etsy Shop  . This is only part of the thought process. I won't be talking about this color Rose.

We're going to talk about this one.


This pink beautiful rose caused me so many issues. I really should say the creativity of my piece. Not the rose. Now, if you look at the picture you'll see three roses one has a hole pierced vertically; that is for beading and caging purposes. Although can be useful in other ways as I intended it to be used for. The Brass Stamping that you see is from . It's made in the USA, in fact all of B' Sue's Brass Stampings are made in the USA. The main reason I purchase from this website. The quailty is the best that I've seen!  This stamping that you see is her Rose ox line of stampings. I used this one because I didn't have another to photograph that I used in my FUF piece. What is FUF? Finished up Friday challenge. This is where you  show what's  on your  worktable on Wednesday and have it done on Friday. That in itself is a challenge!!! I'm so busy! 


This is the actual one I used for this project.


This is the front side. Everything you see in this photo is from the Website I mentioned. Except the Roses and Rose Buds.

  With one comes another. I made another but a smaller version of this, so far good it coming together. Myvision was on target except those little rose bud had a mind of there own. They knew where they wanted lay at! No matter how I moved them they were going to lay where they wanted to. I give up! Have it your way. Maybe your way will look better than my way. I should of known right then this was going to challenge me once again. That of course wasn't on this Focal. It was on the smaller one that you see on your left photograph.


There it sits. Hmmm.... I had these to great focals, but this wasn't catching my eye. Well, in a way it caught my eye but not in the way I wanted. As they say, pictures tell all. What I had  invision wasn't working out! All I can say is these Pink Roses havn't seen it's last day. It's time for me to start smelling my roses, so to speak. I quickly revived these Romanic Pink Beauty! That had A mind of there own.


Now, I have this. We are getting there I thought. I just need to a little more tweaking.


 This is the end result!

fuf_necklace_and_earrings.jpgIt's not what I had invision, but in the in it came out smelling like a beautiful rose!!

What can you take away from this? Look in the mirror. See if you like the way you are presenting your product. Take a picture, If it doesn't look good in a photograph . Tweak it!!!!!!!

















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  1. Beth Trubman
    posted April 17th 2016 at 11:18 pm

    Great post Paula. Love that you showed your process. And our roses are beautiful, as always.
  2. Ginger Hammond
    posted April 17th 2016 at 11:37 pm

    Great post Paula. I love the necklace. And, as always, your roses are gorgeous. I am doing to need more soon.
  3. Karen Eaton
    posted April 17th 2016 at 11:40 pm

    great blog post! Love how it came out! Never be afraid to tweak!!

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