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This one was probably one of my biggest accomblishments of 2015." The Cardinal". It started with the sketch on the left. I'm not a drawing artist by no means. It took over a month just to get the feathers and the look just right. This piece was my own challenge to see if I could actually create it. Oh, yes. I did it! I then entered it into a magazine contest for jewelry designs made from polymer clay. The end result a Bronze Winner!!! How crazy is that! I really wasn't expecting to even have a chance. It Just goes to show you, set your mind to it, and great things will come of it.I'm now waiting on word on publication. Fire Mountian and Gems are looking at putting it in a international jewelry design magazine. It's published on their online catalog right now.

cardinal_contest_winner.jpgcardnal_contest_winner_2.jpgWe now wait on which magazine

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