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Paula Gaskill, Lovely Laylabug JewelsI have always been passionate about creating and wanted to one day be in business for myself. Life did not let me pursue my dreams of choice, as we all know we have to do what we have to, to provide for our families. My career in management did take me in many direction that I could be used during my career and later in life.

One of the things that I taught all managers and employees, in order to be successful you have to be creative. You may be asking yourself by now... How did I do that in management. I would take a store that needed to increase sales and build incredible displays that would knock your socks off!!! All of them were theme based. I was able to drive the traffic right to it, and the rest is history. I did this for many years and stores that were not striving in sales.

Did it make me happy? Yes and no. I could create, but not for myself. When my Granddaughter was born I decided to pass the keys on to someone else to stay at home with her. We all know how much daycare is. I'm creating again for myself while running a in home childcare until Layla goes to school 2015. I also teach classes to others that are inspired by what I do, and I'm always learning something new through others as well. How great it is! Inspiration!!!!!! Inspiring Others!

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